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The Suikoden Tabletop Game


So you're interested in the GSTRPG. At least, that's why I think you're here.

I am genuinely humbled by the number of people who make an effort to find me and contact me about this little thing I've passively worked on through the years. I don't know how you've gotten my work, but I've decided to make it easily accessible to everyone and you can download the latest revision here. All I ask is:


Basically, don't be a dick. I'll try my best to communicate, but it probably won't happen. Don't be offended, it's not anything you did. I'm just lazy and I shift gears a lot through the day. I do listen to feedback. Feel free to give it.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for playing. Thanks for being here. Again, it is really humbling.


07/15/18 - 5.2. Added some wordy bits. Didn't change the mechanics from 5.1.

Click here on the image for the pdf: