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Final Fantasy 1 Randomizer Tracker

09/12/20: Current Version: 0.41

Bug fixes. Forgot to add Earth Cave and Northwestern Castle to treasures.

09/11/20: 0.4

Added incentivized location tracking, as well as dungeon treasure tracking. Whole new layout. Dunno if I like it, but it works.

Download here.

This is an FF1 tracker I built to help with FF1 Randomizer. Made it in GameMaker. I wasn't intending to distribute it. But I've been asked about it, so here it is. There's a readme file included that gives the details on how it works, but it's all just basically a bunch of toggles. I think it should be self explanatory for the most part.

e-mail me if you want to give feedback or feature suggestions or if you find bugs. I'll read it. I won't always reply, but I'll take all suggestions into consideration. Also if you stream, let me know. I may go observe and take notes about how it's being used.